5 Facts about WWE Games Only a few people Know

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There are not many mystery realities about WWE Games that a couple of individuals know. These mysterious realities have an entire fascinating story despite their good faith. So today I’m sharing 5 Facts about WWE Games that are really fascinating.

At the point when we talk about Wrestling, WWE please top. Everybody loves to watch WWE, some on their TV screen and some on the front line. The exposure for the Game is just on another level. Not just Watching individuals additionally love to play, not in-ring but rather with their controller.

WWE games have an exceptionally colossal fan base individuals are only insane for them. The majority of the WWE Games are created by THQ and in the event that we talk about the 2k arrangement, it is created by 2k an American computer game organization.

Here are Your 5 Facts about WWE Games which are really mysterious.

#1 Fred Durst

In the year 2001, the undertaker entrance tune was utilized to be “Rolling” which by gave to WWE by Fred Durst. WWE used to offer sovereignty to Fred Durst as a trade-off. In any case, Fred Durst was not happy with it and requested to have his own character in WWE games

Shockingly WWE acknowledged his solicitation and his character showed up in a sum of two WWE games. WWF Raw and smackdown just bring it.

IIn the WWF Raw computer game, Fred Durst Passageway was riding the Undertaker’s motorcycle and coming towards the ring With his Signature tune “Rolling” playing behind the scenes. In the subsequent computer game “Smackdown just bring it” he came sitting in his lowrider.

10 Things about WWE Games No one will Tell You
10 Things about WWE Games No one will Tell You

#2 WWE Brwal or All Stars 2

WWE All-stars was launched in the year 2011 for PSP, PlayStation 2, 3 and Xbox 360. The game was a combination of battling and wrestling, fans were cherishing it as this was something that nobody had at any point experienced. its subsequent spin-off named WWE Brawl was likewise prepared for launch and WWE had enormous designs for the game.

However, suddenly all plans recede when the publishing company THQ got bankrupt and the game got cancelled.

Afterwards, THQ sold off their property and their rights to various video game companies like Sega, Ubisoft and Crytek. That is the way WWE Fight never came out for the onlookers. However, there are some leaks of the game when it was under development which you can see below.

10 Things about WWE Games No one will Tell You

#3 Arnold Schwarzenegger in WWE 2K16

Every die-hard fan of WWE games knows how awesome WWE 2k16 was. However, people who pre-ordered the game got a very special bonus. In the pre-ordered copy of the game, there is a character of Arnold Schwarzenegger which is playable too.

It was actually possible by a collab between the Terminator movie and WWE 2k16. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the protagonist of Terminator and that’s why the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger was introduced in-game.

#4 Chris benoit’s death Mystery

Well, now you might be thinking that what is the connection of Chris Benoit’s death with WWE games? So, when the smackdown vs raw 2007 was launched at the end of 2006. There was a cut-scene in-game in which the undertaker says to Chris Benoit “If you insist on making this mistake, your grieving family will have no one to blame but you when the inevitable occurs”

However, After just a few months on 24 June 2007, Chris Benoit kills his family and himself. It was reported from ESPN and doctors that Chris Benoit was suffering from a brain condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy(CTE). Which lead him and 3 more people to death.

#5 WWE 2K20 a big Mistake

WWE has been launcing games since 1989, Some of them was good, some was awesome and some trash too. But when we talk about the worst WWE game ever released the WWE 2k20 will come up on top of the list. WWE 2k20 was a really big disappointment for every WWE fan.

At the time of launch, the game was full of bugs and glitches. which also lead Sony to refund their PlayStation customers. There was also a hashtag “fixwwe2k20” on Twitter that came on-trend. Due to disappointment from WWE 2K20 the publish cancelled the next sequel WWE 2k21 too.

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These were some amazing Facts about WWE Games hope you liked it. If yes! just share it with your friends and family.

Thanks for Spending you time to read this article. Much love!

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