GTA 5 is the one of the most popular game specially in India and why not, The game is not just game it is entire new world that you can seek into. However the game is almost 6-7 years old in 2020. but who cares and as we know “old is gold” and GTA 5 is gold.

We all wanna play this game and some of us might have played this in a gaming parlour or maybe somewhere else however having GTA 5 in your own pc is another thing. Maybe you have tried to download this game form various sources but i know the size of the freaks you out.

Not anymore, because there is a way to download GTA 5 in your pc in a really small size of 30GB. If still you are thinking it’s huge and how should I download on my mobile data? wait there is a solution for that too. Still if you are not satisfied with the game size then there no other repack of GTA 5 beneath 30GB.

How to Download GTA 5 on Mobile data?

There are too ways you can download.

Download in Parts.

Downloading GTA 5 in parts can be a headache, As you are downloading in parts there are changes that some parts would be corrupted some links can be broken and a lot of other tensions.

Download through uTorrent.

For downloading any type of file that is having a huge size uTorrent in the best option. You can pause stop resume your download at any time and the best thing is that it doesn’t fail. Choice is your whether you want to download the file in a single day or in a week.

How to install?

  1. Open the folder where game files are stored.
  2. Turn off your windows defender’s real time protection or if you got any type of anti virus program running in you computer just completely disable that.
  3. Now Run the Setup as administrator.
  4. A set up wizard will popup, chose thing as you want and install.

For detailed Installation, watch the video.

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