How to Watch Movies/Videos using Pdisk?

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How to watch movies using pdisk

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Pdisk is a video hosting and streaming platform which gives user unlimited storage to upload their videos and share with people. Pdisk also has an Earning Programme which lets user earn money by just sharing their uploaded videos.

How to Earn money with pdisk

How to Watch videos using pdisk?

Pdisk videos can’t be played in a browser. To play a video user needs to download and install playit application in their smartphone.

How to Earn money with pdisk?

How to Watch videos using pdisk?

There are only two ways to make money with pdisk. Both ways are good in their own way and it totally depends on which one you like. However Pdisk

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Upload and Share videos

Yes, you can just upload and share your video and earn money. You will earn on the basics of your video’s views and clicks. You can withdraw a minimum amount of 2$. There are many ways to receive your payment such as paypal, paytm etc. payments

Referral Programme

In this method, you invite your friends to join the application. However, you will not get a referral bonus instantly. The pdisk referral Programme is a bit different. Once your invited friend joins, with your referral code it will show up in your account’s referral tab.

Now, when your Referral Users start earning you will also get 10% of their earnings for 60 days. Although, any amount from your Referral User’s account will not be deducted..

However, if you invite more friends Each new invitation will increase 10 more days.

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